Black Sheep is the riveting urban drama about a young woman labeled the black sheep of her family, plot to confront and expose to the world her celebrity uncle Mike Coleman who sexually molested her for years.
Our goal is to help victims of sexual abuse. So 10% of all donations will go to help sexually abused victims.

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 Sterling G. Davis - Writer/Director/Producer  View Bio  Glen Cannon - Producer  View Bio
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Tiffany Ardis as Lynn Carr Kaamel "Diesel" Hasaun as Mike Coleman Carl "CT" Turner as Chris Hunter Sanya Chatman as Jackie Coleman
andriena jay swanyea yvettenew
 Andreana J. Charley  as Detective Stone  Jay Colbert as Gangster Looney   Swanyae Michela as Young Lynn Carr   Yvette Helena as Sharon Smith
patrick loose whitney-mei-hwa marisoul
  Patrick Weathersby  as Skip Jones   Looze Cannon as Looze Cannon   Whitney Mei-Hwa  as Young Jackie.  Mari Soul as Call in girl
 sos2  carl-cast  loose-sitting  hakeemallen
Sophia Mojo Writer/Singer theme song Carl Turner - Writer/rapper opening song Loose Cannon - Producer opening song Hakeem Allen - Production Assistant
   Additional Credits.


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